Joint Memorandum of Meeting between UPSF, Regional Director of IPSС Ukraine and UFPPS

Meeting of heads of organizations representing practical shooting in Ukraine
Спільний меморандум зустрічі ФПСУ, Регіонального директора МКПС Україна та ВФПВС

I inform the practical shooting community that on February 27, 2020, a joint meeting of representatives of organizations implementing practical shooting in Ukraine.

Representatives of the parties to the meeting:

From UPSF (Ukrainian Practical Shooting Federation)

  • Petrov Oleg (UPSF President)
  • Vladislav Zbaranski (UPSF Vice-President, General Secretary)
  • Ereshchenko Vitaliy (Member of the Presidium of the UPSF)

From IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) and UFPPS (Ukrainian Federation of Practical and Precision Shooting)

  • Oleksandr Miliukov (Regional Director IPSC Region Ukraine, Head of UFPPS)


  • Dudenko Oleksandr (Vice-President of UFPPS)
  • Okseniuk Grigoriy (Member of the UFPPS, Chair of the Working Group)

Observer of the meeting was Taran Konstantin (representative of both organizations)

The parties agreed that joint and separate actions of the organizations will be aimed at preserving the Region of Ukraine in the IPSC, as well as the status of the sport of Ukraine, which should ultimately lead to the rapprochement of all Ukrainian shooters and preserve their interests.

Declared the following decisions:

  1. Elections of the Regional Director of ICPS of Ukraine will be held by members of two organizations
  2. Verified members of organizations take part in the elections.
  3. A joint working group will be set up to determine the election procedure
  4. Describe the functions the Officers of the IPSC of Ukraine, Regional Directors and Regional Directorate
  5. The elected Regional Director will form the Regional Directorate of IPSС Ukraine and make the structure of the organization in accordance with the current norms and principles of Constitution IPSС and Ukraine.

Meeting minutes by link.

UPSF President

Oleg Petrov 



Ярослав Циганок

Ярослав Циганок

Член Президії ФПСУ

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